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I have written this book to perpetuate memory, foster, promote the principles and virtues of my Dutch, German, and Bohemian ancestry. My ancestors maintained a library relating to their settlement in America. This book is principally organized with the accounts of my descendants of the Dutch, Bohemian and German Colonies in America, prior to or during the year 1635 and beyond. Organized and documented family history within this book, will take you back to my ancestors’ collective writings, along with my own. Our families were close. As an example: In Orange City, the “Pool Lane” was known to my ancestors because of how the homes were shaped. They built their homes in a semi-circle with all the homes who had yards, set off from the other buildings. It is known that the Pool family were the first, to create a “neighborhood” by the way the homes were built and placed, because a homeowner could drive into the neighborhood from the north or south entrance of the many farms they owned. My book has many adventures like this. Please join me and share the experience. JMP


AUTHOR: This book is dedicated to family members who recorded and kept our history alive. If you are not included in this list or the book, it was not intentional. Dorothy Anne Mapes McConnell~1917-2004, Author of Dorothy's Diaries, 272 yrs., 1732-2004; Mary Mapes McConnell Harrison; Author of Outdoor Adventures with Kids, Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas, 1996, and previous owner of The “Virginia”; Mildred Eason Moorhead~1967, Bosgra -- Pool family history : pioneer family of Sioux County, Iowa. Held by Northwestern College, DeWitt Library Dutch Heritage Collection-Lower LevelCS71.B6 M6x 1967; Gerrit Bosgra, Bob Pool my brother, Dan and Vera Pool; Mary “Pool” Mesner my sister; Arlyss and Doug Pool~2000, Pool—Mapes family history book. Future historian’s hereafter. WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED READING THIS BOOK AND NO LONGER WANT TO KEEP IT, PLEASE DONATE THIS BOOK TO YOUR LOCAL CHURCH OR LIBARY.

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