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ISBN: 978-1-7372058-0-7 james-pool-enterprises.square.site AUTHOR: Mr. James Mapes Pool

Orange Community Historical Society

Mr. Pool is a member of the Orange Community Historical Society.

COVID-19 reached many of us in many different ways. James Pool at 86 is optimistic so he wrote a book. Meanwhile, as we waited this thing out, it was a perfect time to binge old photos, read old letters and review what the meaning of life is.

Mr. Pool charted his cousins, common ancestors and researched old family recipes. He found that the birth rate of humanity was going down. We feel that each of us owe a responsibility to the earth and humanity to repopulate. It is imperative that families write down their family history in order for it not to be lost in time and space.

Mr. James Mapes Pool, was born in Chandler, Minnesota, and the first child of his parents, Dan, and Vera Pool. He is extremely proud of his ancestry. Within the pages of his book, in accordance with historians, and family members, you will read about his written version of his family history. Additionally, people, places, and things, to include, but not limited to, biographical photos of families which in successive generations have been documented and identified with the development of a nation. That nation is called the United States of America. It was and remains excessively a big part of American history.

For example: The Pool family farm was located 5½ miles from Chandler, but today, the farmhouse is no longer there. The history and its existence are written within these pages. This was a time when motor vehicles were new, and they were a vital addition to families and the road. A time when people hitched up covered wagons, midwifes helped with a women’s birth, and the future was harsh and unknown. This is exactly how he was born. His family learned to survive, milk cows, work the family farm, and the art of farming.

Therefore, “I have written this book to perpetuate memory, foster and to promote the principles and virtues of my Dutch, German, and Bohemian ancestry, factually and accurately.” Mr. Pool stated.

His ancestors maintained a library relating to their Iowa and Minnesota settlement in America. His book is principally organized with the accounts of his descendants of Dutch, Bohemian and German Colonies in America, prior to and or during the year 1635 and beyond.

Fascinatingly, this book is organized and documented with his ancestors’ collective writings, along with his own. As an example: In Orange City, Iowa: the area where his family settled was known to his ancestors and the surrounding community as “The Pool Lane”, because how each home was laid out on a plot. Specifically, they built each of their homes in a semi-circle. All the houses with yards were set off from their other buildings. This design was the first of its kind and created a neighborhood. This design allowed a homeowner to drive into a neighborhood from the north or south entrance of a street.

Some notable writings within his book are post-Revolutionary war notes and the finding of Chatfield, Minnesota, living on the Mississippi during the Civil War, The crime wave of 1949, Eleanor Roosevelt 1961, and the tornado of 1965, along with many others. This book also preserved valuable information respecting the early historical settlements of the Mapes/Mӧbs Family who originally immigrated from Germany and Bohemia to include the Dutch American Family from Holland and the Netherlands, along with the Bosgra, Eason and other members of his family from Bergum, Tietjerksteradeel, Holland and England.

Mr. Pool donated an item to the Orange Public Library and he donated one for safe keeping to The battleship Iowa.

A special tribute is for Mr. Ron Mesner. He passed in 2013, and since is missed dearly. Ron was my sisters husband and dear friend. He was born near Germantown, Iowa. Ron and my sister own a farm in Fenton Township, Murray County and his son Tom runs it and it will be handed down to his son, Paul when the time is right. Farming is not an easy task, but it is necessary because it feeds the people of the earth. Ron was a member of the Murray County Pork Producer’s and served on the Murray County Fair Board. He is missed dearly.

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L. Ruby Mannes Geerlings, 89, died October 12, 1993 at Holy Cross Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Born August 5, 1904 in Holland, Michigan, to John and Cherrie Mannes. Married Dr. Jacob Geerlings and came to Utah in 1929. Preceded in death by Dr. Geerlings and son, Glenn. Member of Wasatch Presbytrian Church. Past president of University Women’s Club and member of P.E.O. Chapter O.Survived by daughter, Carol Libby (Hal), Arcadia, Calif.; son, Paul Geerlings, Tucson, Ariz.; son, David Geerlings (Audrey), Salt Lake City; eight grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; brother, L. J. Mannes (Sue), Holland, Mich.; sister-in-law, Elenora Geerlings, Salt Lake City, Utah; brother-in-law, Marv Geerlings and sister-in-law, Marie Walters, both of Holland, Mich.

” Blessed be the tie that binds”. “I am the way, the truth and the light”. John 14:6




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One of the biggest honors that exist, is able to take care of those older adults who ever cared for us too. Our parents, and elderly who sacrificed their lives, with time, money, and effort deserve our utmost respect.

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