Starting A Van Zyverden Farm In America

Mr. James Mapes Pool

Van Zyverden, Inc., has been a principal in the flower bulb industry for 100 years. It is one of the largest wholesale distributors of flower bulbs in the United States, shipping over 450 million bulbs and plants in the U.S. and Canada annually. Headquartered in Meridian, Mississippi, Van Zyverden also has facilities in Sassenheim, Holland and Burlington, Washington. These facilities encompass over 500,000 square feet.

Van Zyverden is a third-generation company that has kept the values that made it an industry leader while incorporating the latest technology. Adding up-to-date machinery, expanding and modernizing the facilities in both the U.S. and Holland, studying market trends, maintaining long-term partnerships with current suppliers and developing new relationships worldwide keeps Van Zyverden in the forefront of the industry.

Founded by Jack Van Zyverden in Holland, the company expanded to include the Canadian company Superior Bulb Co., Ltd., through a partnership with Colin Campbell. Shipments from Holland were halted during World War II and, while temporarily unable to return to Holland, Jack traveled the United States looking for growers to supply the Canadian company. In Washington, Jack found large growers, all originally from Holland, to supply the bulbs. Van Zyverden continues the relationship with these growers today.

Jack’s sons, Dirk and Paul, were involved in the company from a young age. Dirk and Paul learned the trade and polished their English skills by traveling early on to Canada and working in various businesses. Dirk’s first sales trip to the U.S. was in 1950. He visited customers all over the Northeast while Paul, several years later, traveled and sold to the Southeastern part of the country. Van Zyverden Bros. not only grew, but with the leadership and foresight of Jack and his sons, became an innovator by installing the newest equipment available in their warehouse, changing packaging from paper bags and crates to cardboard and constantly looking for ways to improve. Jack was recognized for his business acumen by being elected President of the U.S. Exporters Shipping Companies in Holland.

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